What we offer you

Bodytite Chiropractic is a Family Wellness Chiropractic Center. We focus on the patient as a whole, not just their symptoms.  Chiropractic care involves correcting spinal subluxations with the goal of removing nerve interference that causes ill health.  Any of us, at any age, will experience trauma, toxins or even thoughts that will internally affect our bodies in negative ways that we may not even feel.  Dr. Simmonds is specially trained to identify subluxations in the spine and to correct them safely and specifically, allowing you to function and feel your best!
The type of adjustments performed by Dr. Simmonds are of a low force and high velocity technique, no rotation. 
Dr. Simmonds uses only her hands to adjust the spine, and the extremities, with the assistance of a "drop table".  The drop table allows the patient to rest comfortably lying on their front, back or side while the adjustment is being performed with minimal stress or strain put on the joints. 

Dr. Cherylena Simmonds is known for her caring touch and commitment to quality, personalized, patient care. Whether young or old, hundreds of patients have enjoyed the benefits of regaining health through Chiropractic care under her guidance.

Doctor of Chiropractic 
Palmer College of Chiropractic - Davenport, Iowa, USA 
2005 Graduate

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
University of Western Ontario - London, Ontario, Canada 
2000 Graduate

Professional Affiliations 
• International Chiropractor’s Association
• International Chiropractic Pediatric Association